4 Celebrities You Won't Believe Who Play Poker!


Poker is a game which requires skill, patience, and most importantly, money. It's no shock that bored and rich celebrities may find some enjoyment from the sport, as their bank accounts can more than support it. Many people unfamiliar with the game may consider it gambling, but for these 4 celebrities, they consider it a hobby.


Tobey Maguire

He may be able to stop a moving train, but how does he do against a triple-bet on the flop? Tobey Maguire picked up this hobby years ago to subset his income, and he was even involved in a lawsuit regarding his high-stakes poker games in 2011. He may look nice, but I certainly wouldn't want to be sitting beside this pro on the table. Well, maybe I would. I mean come on, it's Spider-Man!


Jason Alexander

Jerry! Just seeing this photo reminds me of his iconic character from Seinfeld, but would it surprise you to learn about his poker prowess? George Costanza himself can be seen at many live poker events every year sitting and talking with the champs like Negreanu himself! And don't be fooled, he is not nearly as awkward as his characters let on, and he is more than willing to re-raise you just for kicks! 


Matt Damon

That's right, when he's not busy getting stuck on mars or talking about apples, Matt Damon can be found on the felt. Admittedly, to anyone who has seen Rounders (1998), this is not very surprising news. In that film, Damon plays potentially one of the greates poker players to ever live, which is perhaps damaging to his table image in real life. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this, just watch this YouTube video that explains it all:



Kevin Hart

It makes sense that one of the richest entertainers today would continue his grind wherever he can. Kevin Hart is very famous in the poker scene, as he has been part of or at least sat at tables during very big hands which have circulated and become viral. There is nothing scarier than playing poker against someone with lots and lots of money, because you just know that they don't care as much as you do about losing. However, Hart is known specifically for his ability to hold onto his wallet despite it being so heavy. Because of this, he is known to be both a class act and a menace to have at the table.

What do you think of our list? Were you surprised? Shocked? Let us know down below!


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